Ryan Reynolds and Baxter

Ryan Reynolds describing his best buddy Baxter:

“I have a dog named Baxter who was rescued during a road trip through Texas. Got him at a Houston animal shelter. We seem to like each other, and I feel pretty confident he’s gonna keep me.”

Baxter and Ryan at a Boston Park





Lily and Louise

The Streets of San Francisco

Little Lily was picked up as a stray, about a year ago, living on the street in San Francisco, CA. She was taken to a high-kill shelter in downtown San Fran, hoping to be adopted but not really having much of a chance in the over-crowded facility. The staff grew very fond of the spunky, little Terrier/Chihuahua mix and worried that her time was running out. They did not want to have to euthanize Lily so sent her info to the rescue community network in an attempt to save her life. Pamela McKenzie of Richmond, BC http://pamelasdogs.com/ heard about Lily’s situation and quickly arranged to have her transported across the border to safety in Canada.

Once Lily was safe and sound in Richmond, the next step was to find foster parents while she waited for her forever home. My neighbor Donna and I became little Lily’s foster moms for a few weeks last summer and we both fell quite in love with her during that time. She is so loving, fun and feisty and, as one of my friends remarked “she has a charming, just out of bed look”.

Donna and Lily were at the Kits off-leash dog beach one day when Louise spotted her playing with Donna’s dog Sammy. Louise walked over to talk to Donna, who let her know that Lily was a foster looking for a new home. Louise then heard the words “I’m interested in adopting a dog” come out of her mouth, even though she really wasn’t looking and already owned a cat.

Lily and Louise were clearly meant to be as the adoption went through smoothly and quickly and Miss Lily is now living happily in her new home with mom, Louise and cat sibling Cleo.

I love a happy ending and Lily is definitely a poster child for the slogan “Adopt don’t Shop”.

For Dogs who like it Ruff

I met with Perverted Puppies designer, Caolaidhe Lundy yesterday to talk about her cute and sassy line of doggie couture.

My first question was how did she come up with the idea to start such a scandalous clothing line for doggies? Caolaidhe said the concept came to her a few years ago when she was looking for t-shirts for her dog Scotty. She wasn’t having any luck finding funny or witty items when shopping for her pup. One day she thought how cute it would be if Scotty had an “I heart pussy” t-shirt to wear (we all know how much some doggies love cats). Realizing there was nothing like that on the market, she bought a generic black tee and created the design herself.

Needless to say, her t-shirt was an attention getter!! Scotty’s new outfit sparked many smiles and comments and soon people were asking where they could get a t-shirt like that too. Caolaidhe then came up with the name Perverted Puppies Couture and the rest is history. She now has several t-shirts in her line with saucy slogans such as Bone Me, You Know What They Say About Big Paws and I Like It On All Fours. We can also look forward to new designs coming out this fall!

This fun clothing line can be found at Barking Babies in Yaletown and can be purchased from her website as well.


These t-shirts are sure to be a hit at any dog park!

Barking Mad

My little terrier, Nickster, received his first noise complaint from the strata council last night for excessive barking. If things don’t improve immediately and there is even one more complaint, I will be fined $200.00. Eeeek!!

I love spoiling my little dog more than anything but this letter was a harsh wake up call, along with a couple of other recent events, that spoiling Nick to this degree is NOT the way to go. So here I am, trying to turn Nickster into a good dog….yet again. My biggest ally so far is the water bottle. I have three strategically placed around the apartment and I spray him in the face as soon as he lets out a bark. I feel like a big jerk spraying my little dog in the face with water but it does work and the results are pretty quick.

If anyone has any good advice to help stop the barking madness, please let me know!