Vigil for Captain

Wednesday night a group of animal lovers and advocates met at the Kitsilano tennis courts to remember Captain, the German Shepherd who was stabbed, beaten and left to die in a dumpster.

More than two hundred people marched along the road beside Kits Beach to the off-leash Dog Beach. Once at their destination, speeches were heard, several asking for tougher animal protection laws and many an ode Captain and all animals who have been harmed at the hands of a human. Neighbors of Captain’s spoke, remembering the last time they saw him. One woman suggested renaming the beach “Captain’s Beach”. Her suggestion sparking applause and cheers.

The evening ended with flowers thrown into the ocean and candles lit at the water’s edge. A emotional and beautiful evening of remembering and mourning a beautiful dog. An evening that, hopefully is also the beginning of a change in society’s attitudes and laws.



Last week Captain, a beautiful, two year old German Shepherd was found, barely alive in a dumpster a few blocks from my home. The SPCA rushed to the scene and took him to Animal Emergency immediately in a valiant attempt to save his life. The doctors worked tirelessly for hours to try to save him but, sadly, he died of a cardiac arrest at 6pm on Thursday evening. His injures and internal bruising too great for him to overcome.

When I heard that captain had been found, beaten and thrown into a dumpster, my biggest hope and prayer was that he would survive and be adopted by compassionate guardians who would show him that not all human beings are monsters and give him the love and care he deserved. But that was not to be and Captain crossed the rainbow bridge, dying from horrific injuries caused by his human guardian. His guardian who then tossed him in a dumpster to die, alone, in pain and surrounded by garbage.

Captain had tried out to be a Police Dog but was deemed unacceptable for the job as he was too friendly. It is unfathomable that a dog who was described as “too friendly” to be a police dog had his life end by being beaten to death by his owner.

Animal protection laws have to change. Our animals have almost no protection right now. Anyone can buy a dog, cat or any small animal and torture him or her to death with absolutely no consequences. Animals are still seen as property to be used and abused as their owner sees fit. Women and children were thought of the same way not that long ago. This is an archaic and cruel way of thinking that does not belong in our society anymore. Animals are not “property”. They are thinking, feeling beings. They are our friends and companions and we should feel privileged to have them walk beside us. They have so many gifts and so much unconditional love to give us. How can we not do a better job of protecting them?

Rest in Peace Captain.


I love taking my dog with me on as many summer adventures as I can so he recently came kayaking with me.

The first thing I did to prepare for Nick’s kayaking trip was to buy him a Ruffwear life-jacket. Ruffwear is an awesome brand of well made, long lasting doggie outerwear. He seemed happy and comfy in his jacket, important as you don’t want to force your dog to do something uncomfortable or scary for him or her.

He did seem a tad confused when we first entered the kayak but he quickly settled in on my lap, taking in the scenery and it was all smooth sailing after that.

Kayaking with Nick was a fun experience for me and I’m pretty sure it was a great, adventurous day for him. The more experiences and adventures that include your dog, the better life will be for them and the stronger your bond will be as well.

Wishing you a summer of adventures with your pooch!

Nickster in the Raw

Nickster has started a raw diet to help him lose a little weight. let’s say puppy fat. It does seem like a more natural way for dogs to eat and he LOVES his raw food, snarfling it up in seconds.

It only costs $1.50 a day for a pre-packaged mix of raw meat, bones and veggies. Some benefits that I’ve been told I can look forward to include:

Shinier coat

Healthier skin (less itching)

Cleaner teeth

Higher energy levels (hmmm…don’t know if I’m actually looking forward to this)

Smaller stools

No doggy breath

This all sounds good to me and the diet can be supplemented with raw fruit and veggie treats too. Nick’s going raw!