Dirty Sea Dog

If you have a dog that loves to roll in mud, bird poo, and other smelly, smelly things, then this product is for you!

Ever since I stumbled on Dirty Sea Dog at Coal Harbour Florist & Green Design a few weeks ago, my dog’s fur has never looked so shiny and clean. The soap is handmade in Comox, BC, has all natural ingredients and it smells divine. Next time you’re out of dog shampoo, check it out. Fido will be smelling like a flower and humans can use it too!


Dogz in the Woodz

Off-leash hiking with your dog is such a fun, bonding experience and a great way to keep fit for both humans and canines.

Make sure your pup has good recall, bring along some water and snacks for him or her and you are good to go!

Below are some of Vancouver’s best dog-friendly hiking trails for you and your furry companion to explore: