Treat Time

With so many treats being recalled for causing illness or worse, pet owners have to be extra careful these days about what we feed our furry friends.

Below are some tips to keep your pup safe and healthy.

Avoid generic-labels. The food is probably from bulk suppliers and may have ingredients from China. Unfortunately so many poisoned pet foods have come from China that any product from there is now suspect.

Don’t buy products that have unidentified meat or bone meal. Make sure the label specifies the protein(i.e. chicken, turkey, salmon). There are stomach turning ingredients in some dog food containing by-products.

Avoid preservatives that are controversial. BHT, ethoxyquine, BHA and propolyneglycol. Those are things you don’t want to see on the label. Other Ingredients to avoid are wheat or wheat gluten, BHT, Ethoxyquine, BHA, and Propylene glycol.

Read the small print. So many products labelled “All Natural” say packaged in USA or Canada but you may find Made in China in very small print somewhere on the package. It’s best to stick to locally produced treats and food if possible.

Following these tips will help keep your doggie healthy and out of harm’s way!


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