Ryan & George

This one is for the ladies. Ryan Gosling playing fetch with his beautifully unique rescue dog, George. Enjoy!



Summertime is here and the more time spent out of doors, the better. I love seeing dogs accompany their owners on summer adventures and below is Miss Lily, a rescued Terrier/Chihuahua mix, proving that you really can take your dog anywhere.

Lily joined her mom’s outdoor yoga class and was the perfect yogi. Calm, Zen, and not one bark!


A Better Person

Every so often, while walking my dog, I look down and think “I can’t believe how much love this scruffy little being has brought into my life”. Not only love, but he’s made me a better person and that is, perhaps, the best gift of all. Since adopting Nicky, I can no longer be completely self-centered and focused only on my needs (as I had been for pretty much ever lol). His needs now comes first. I have to admit at the beginning, there was a slight adjustment period, with me having moments of thinking, “What have I done. This is too much responsibility!!”.Happily, it has all become just a part of life and not so difficult at all. If I’m going out during the week, he goes to daycare. If he’s been at home all day then I take him for an adventure walk after work and play fetch until he flops down on the floor, panting.

I often hear people talk about their dog having to fit into their lifestyle. I agree that you shouldn’t get a hunting or herding dog unless you can fulfill his or her needs for activity and challenge but I also believe that we have to shift our lifestyle to fit our dog too. When you think about it, we steal them away from their doggie family and make them live with us humans, expecting them to easily and fully adapt to a life that can be quite unnatural for them. The least we can do is put in the effort to give them a fun, full life with lots of socializing and adventures.

I find it heartbreaking to see dog owners forcing their pack animal pets to live a solitary existence. Remember, when you bring a dog into your life, you become the dog’s guardian/parent/pack leader, in other words, their everything. Make sure you give him or her the love and life they deserve. Not hard to do when you think of all of the amazing gifts that they give us every single day.