How I Met my Dog – A Contest

Modern Dog Magazine just posted a writing contest called “How I Met My Dog” so, of course, I had to enter 🙂 Below, is my story of how I met my little Terrier. Wish me luck!


Three years ago I started to seriously consider getting a dog. An easy dog. I love Shih-tzu’s and thought that might be a good breed match for me. I envisioned an easy-going female that I would name Lily. She would be sweet and mellow and love to spend evenings lazing on my lap. She would be an obedient, submissive companion and wouldn’t give me any challenges. Yes, Lily the mellow Shih-Tzu was the ideal I would look for when I was finally ready to adopt

In the meantime, my ex-boyfriend had become obsessed with Yorkies and was scouring Kijiji to find a Yorkie to bring home. Finally, he found what he thought was the perfect match. A little Yorkie boy, named Stitch, that he adopted and re-named Nicky. Nicky’s relationship with my ex seemed problematic from the get-go. My ex didn’t even take little Nicky for a walk to see what kind of personality he had before adopting him and was dismayed to find out that he had brought a strong-willed, stubborn, dominant little guy into his life. A dominant little guy who wasn’t at all house-trained at 6 months and proceeded to frequently use my ex’s carpet as a bathroom. Little Nicky also loved to bark. He barked at neighbors walking down the hall, at any noise he heard coming from beyond that balcony and would literally bark at the drop of a feather too. Not quite the type of dog the ex had in mind. So, rather quickly, my ex grew weary of him and Nicky ended up spending most of his days in a crate, alone and in a dark apartment.

Through these months, I dutifully visited twice a week to walk and play fetch with this incorrigible little Terrier and, although I could clearly see his shortcomings, our bond grew very, very strong.

About four months after my ex adopted Nick, he made the announcement I suspected was coming. “There is something wrong with this dog and I’m going to get rid of him”. Nicky was about to end up for sale on Kijiji again. Well, I had fallen in love and wasn’t about to let that happen. At 9 months old, this little guy would be on his third adoption, having his life turned upside down yet again. No way. I was currently living in a no-pet building and told my ex to give me a month and I would buy little Nicky from him. It was a stressful month. I frantically looked at 50 places to live. Found one. Made an offer, asked for a quick closing and five weeks later brought Nicky home to our new condo.

He was a hellion, with so many issues they were coming out of his Yorkie ears and I am a softy who knew almost nothing about dogs. But, two obedience classes, a lot of love and stability later, and I have a reasonably good, very loving dog that I adore. He’s my little life companion and I can’t imagine being any happier.

Not even with a mellow, easy going, Shih-Tzu girl.

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