Self Defense?

The stabbing death of a pit bull on Kits Beach a few weeks ago has been all over the news the past few days.

I had heard the story, second hand, that an elderly man had been walking his Pug off-leash along the beach when they encountered an on-leash Pit Bull. The two dogs said hello, which led to an altercation (as all dog owners know, it sometimes does) and the Pit Bull ended up clamping down on the Pug’s neck and would not let go. The 72 year old man then pulled out a knife and stabbed the Pit Bull to death, doing what he had to do, he said, to save his dog.

My first thought was, how sad. As a dog owner I could empathize with both parties. I have had someone kick my dog in the past and I became fearless, rushing towards the man, who looked like he also wanted to hit me, yelling at him and threatening to call the police. So I get the instantaneous reaction of defending your dog against harm no matter what. But, that said, something about this story raised a red flag for me. Why was the pug (who sounded aggressive) off-leash in an on-leash walking area? Why was a man, out for an afternoon walk with his dog, carrying a knife in his pocket??

I have a small dog who hates Huskies and German Shepherds with a passion and there is no way I would let him off-leash in an area where these breeds may be present. Things can get ugly pretty quickly as my dog, Nicky, loves to get in Husky and Shepherd faces and bark and growl at them and in a fight with either of these breeds, no doubt Nicky would lose… badly. So, my question is, What was this man thinking?

Then I saw the Pit Bull owners on television last night, clearly traumatized. Through their perspective the off-leash Pug charged their Pit Bull, Pandora, and would not stop barking at her. Pandora grabbed the Pug’s ear in her mouth, correcting the Pug’s behaviour as all dogs do. The Pug owner then pulled out a knife and stabbed Pandora twice. She fell to the ground. The Pug owner then stood over her, stabbing her eight more times yelling “You deserve to die”! That description chills my blood.

As we all know, there are many Pit Bull haters in the world. There is, in fact, an entire facebook page dedicated to the best ways to kill Pit Bulls. It is horrific but speaks to the amount of people in the world who hate Pitties and desperately want to hurt, maim and kill them. The more I read about this incident, the more I think that man was walking his dog off-leash with the full knowledge his pug may start a fight with a Pittie and he was ready, knife in pocket, to do harm. If the Pug’s medical report comes back with minor injuries this man needs to be arrested and charged with causing the death of this companion animal.

If I were the woman, watching a man stab my best friend 10 times while she laid bleeding on the ground, I would be completely traumatized and demand justice.

If I were the man, whose dog instigated a fight and I retaliated by stabbing someone else’s dog 10 times as she lay bleeding and whimpering on the ground, I would expect consequences. Harsh consequences.

R.I.P. Pandora

Pandora the Pit Bull with a friend

Pandora the Pit Bull with a friend



Last week Captain, a beautiful, two year old German Shepherd was found, barely alive in a dumpster a few blocks from my home. The SPCA rushed to the scene and took him to Animal Emergency immediately in a valiant attempt to save his life. The doctors worked tirelessly for hours to try to save him but, sadly, he died of a cardiac arrest at 6pm on Thursday evening. His injures and internal bruising too great for him to overcome.

When I heard that captain had been found, beaten and thrown into a dumpster, my biggest hope and prayer was that he would survive and be adopted by compassionate guardians who would show him that not all human beings are monsters and give him the love and care he deserved. But that was not to be and Captain crossed the rainbow bridge, dying from horrific injuries caused by his human guardian. His guardian who then tossed him in a dumpster to die, alone, in pain and surrounded by garbage.

Captain had tried out to be a Police Dog but was deemed unacceptable for the job as he was too friendly. It is unfathomable that a dog who was described as “too friendly” to be a police dog had his life end by being beaten to death by his owner.

Animal protection laws have to change. Our animals have almost no protection right now. Anyone can buy a dog, cat or any small animal and torture him or her to death with absolutely no consequences. Animals are still seen as property to be used and abused as their owner sees fit. Women and children were thought of the same way not that long ago. This is an archaic and cruel way of thinking that does not belong in our society anymore. Animals are not “property”. They are thinking, feeling beings. They are our friends and companions and we should feel privileged to have them walk beside us. They have so many gifts and so much unconditional love to give us. How can we not do a better job of protecting them?

Rest in Peace Captain.

Farewell Joey

Sadly, one of Nicky’s daycare friends recently passed away. His name was Joey, a Yorkie, about to turn 13 years old on June 10th. He will be very missed by all who knew him.

Joey was in amazing shape for his age and enjoyed the long walks around the West End that are part of the daily routine at Bow Wow Haus Daycare. Joey especially loved to visit Beaver Lake in Stanley Park. Beaver Lake is a Vancouver destination favoured by local canines as it is home to many, delicious-looking ducks. Joey loved to prop himself up on the lake’s side-rail so he could better see all of the ducks paddle by.

Heading to Beaver Lake

Heading to Beaver Lake

Sometimes, when the walks were a little too long for a 12 year old doggie, Joe would retire to his special tote bag. He would then be carried back to the store, taking in all of the sounds, sights and smells of the West End. Joey was very loved by his guardians and Sofia, and has been described as living the life of a rock star.

Joey’s guardians, with a few friends and family, had a memorial for him at his beloved Beaver Lake last weekend. They finished the ceremony by sprinkling his ashes in the water.

Joey will now forever be in his favourite place, swimming with the ducks of Beaver Lake.

Rest in Peace Little Joe