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Cruisin’ the Hood

Lily & Sammy

Lily & Sammy

For dogs on the go with their masters, driving can be nothing short of euphoria. According to Stanley Coren, dog behaviourist and professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, dogs have 225 million olfactory receptacles in their noses, compared with the paltry 50 million in a human snout. “If you crack the window,” Prof. Coren points out, “a dog gets a kaleidoscopic view of the world through his nose, as the scents are changing all the time. We [humans] are visual animals … A dog lives through his nose.” – The Globe and Mail, April 7, 2011



Naomi Tsai

A Fab Pack

A pack of cuties enjoying a sunny Sunday at Spanish Banks:

Back row: Lucy and Sammy

Front row: Sami-Lou, Leia, Bruce Lee and Roxie


Photo by Dawn Stenzel Photography

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive. – Gilda Radner

Sami Lou & Sofia

Sofia is the owner of Bow Wow Haus Daycare in Vancouver and Sami is her little Schmorkie (Yorkie, Malteses, Schnauzer) companion:

How old is Sami?

Sami will be 5 on July 8th, 2012

What is your favourite thing about Sami’s personality?

I love Sami’s personality. She’s very outgoing and one of her many nicknames is Dennis the Menace! She is a major people lover, especially  children. She also loves her Frisbee & Happy Hippo!

What makes Sami so lovable?

Oh my goodness, what makes Sami so Lovable! She’s so affectionate, so cuddly, loves company, especially girls nights! She is so generous with her furry sleepover guests. Which, as a Doggie Daycare owner, her mama has lots of!

What is your funniest story about Sami?

Sami has a BFF, his name is Rocco. He’s a big black 80 lb rescue who loves to scoop his nose under Sami’s belly & toss her in the air. He did it on the seawall the other day & we had so many people laughing & clapping; she loves getting tossed! It’s so funny to watch!

If Sami had a profession, what would she be?

Sami would be a professional athlete. she has buns of steel and she’s 7lbs of pure energy!

If Sami were a famous person who would she be?

Another NickName is Bill Gates. She’s so smart! Seriously!


Fred was spotted this afternoon at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

He was busy protesting against the proposed Enbridge Pipeline from Alberta to Kitimat, BC.

His guardians told me that Fred, a rescue, has been an animal and environmental activist since he was a little puppy and loves to attend rallys. He was doing an awesome job today; spreading the word, loud and proud! Go Fred!