Dog Lovers

Did you know…

92% would accept a job with less pay to bring their dog to work

97% celebrate their dog’s birthday

78% of dogs sleep in their owner’s bed

88% would dump their significant other if he/she didnt’ like their dog

81% would boycott an airline with a no-pets policy

71% think ear-cropping and tail-docking should be illegal

74% think dogs should be allowed in restaurants

96% think dogs experience emotions similar to those humans feel


Hot Dog & A-Niu

Hot Dog and A-Niu are rescues from Taiwan, looking for loving forever homes in Vancouver. Hot Dog, a Beagle Daschund mix was rescued from the meat trade and A-Niu, a pure-bred Schnauzer was found wandering alone in the middle of a busy city street. Both were rescued by Soi Dog

They were flown to Van a few weeks ago and are now available for adoption through Pamela’s Dogs

Rob Pattison and Bear

Rob Pattison describing his rescue dog’s situation when he adopted him: “He was in one those shelters where they don’t keep them around for very long. He was on his sixth of seven days.”

Life has definitely turned around for Bear. He is now a pampered pooch and Rob even makes sure that Bear has his own seat on the plane when they travel together.

I love a story with a happy ending and I love compassionate celebrities that rescue animals even more. In my opinion, Bear is finally getting the life he deserves. Kudos to Rob Pattison and every other celebrity setting the example that adoption is the way to go!